My Story

Eating disorders, sleepless nights, stress, targets to achieve, meals to cook, errands to run, shoulders to offer for friends in need, not enough hours in a day and so on and so forth …

… as woman, mom, wife, daughter, friend, educator, ex corporate executive turned entrepreneur, to only mention a few of the roles I play in society, I’ve had and still have my fair share of them.

Memory loss, brain fog, heartburn, candida, herpes, feeling old and exhausted, overwhelmed and lacking energy to go through my day most of the time, you name it, they were all part of my everyday life.

Feeling bloated and having cramps.

Experiencing “senior moments” and being incapable of remembering some of the most common words.

Itchy and having unpleasant smelly secretions.

And when the herpes was on, there was that horrible burning sensation down there, especially when I had to go to the bathroom

Intimate relationship with my husband was a no-no. 

I could not sleep properly, therefore I could not show up for my family and my job and function at my best level. 

I could not enjoy my meals out with my friends and business partners because most of the time they were immediately followed by physical pain. As a consequence I was constantly beating myself up because I could not make myself stop eating all those the foods that were making me sick.

I was feeling stressed about it, desperate, confused, overwhelmed, stuck, lost and frustrated! 

I was embarrassed and feeling old at 35! 

I was jealous of other women…

…and totally ashamed to talk about it. 🙁

I was in a constant internal struggle and wasting so much energy thinking about what to eat and which supplements to take to counterbalance my poor food choices.

One day I remember receiving an email about some docuseries that was coming out soon. There was a tone of experts invited to talk about food, nutrition, health, wellness, stress, longevity, some of the things that I was so interested to learn about. After staying late many nights in a row to watch it, I dove right into the research. 

It was then that I decided I had nothing to lose if I changed my lifestyle.

My main purpose was to get rid of the brain fog and stop advancing what I later learned it was my brain degeneration.

But I also got some other amazing positive side effects: I lost the belly fat that was so stubborn and would no go away despite how much I trained.

My body composition started to change and my strength increased.

I started to like what I was seeing in the mirror again, which made me feel more confident.

I was feeling more attractive and sexier than ever before in my life.

I started pushing beyond my own physical, mental and emotional limitations.

The first thing that people around me noticed, especially my students, was the weight loss and the body composition change.

As this is one of the biggest struggles for women, they started asking me all these questions.

And I was so afraid to answer them, even though I had some of the answers.

I was afraid I might not give them the right info and the right tools for them to use in the individual contexts of their live,   therefore possibly doing them more harm than good.

So I was stuck in a place in which I had some knowledge, I had a huge desire to help, but was lacking other critical info, a proper structure and the right tools to use in offering support to the women who were stuck in the same place I used to be in.

My self-confidence boosted. Even though I appeared as a very confident woman to the people around me, it was actually a learned behavior that I was displaying, not an intrinsic feeling.

I had a through-the-rooftop level of energy that was allowing me to fully show up in my life.

I got my mental clarity and focus back, which enabled me to take some of the most important decisions of my life at the time, like getting out of a 12 years marriage that was not serving me anymore, changing my career, moving to a totally new continent and starting my life all over again.

I know there are so many women and men out there going through similar health, confidence and life struggles like the ones I went through and who want to take back the control over their own health and life.

It’s because of all these things that I am so excited to coach other people and to educate them on the impact of changing poor habits into better-serving ones through simple routines that can be easy and fun, enjoyable and effective.

About me

I am a primal health coach, a yoga & meditation teacher and a public speaker.

I run coaching programs and workshops that cover a wide ground, from clean eating, stress perception, refueling with joy, pleasure & fun to memetics, limiting beliefs, setting goals and taking action while acknowledging, understanding and accepting fear.

I am the creator of “The Best Next You”  Program, a 12 weeks health coaching program that helps people transform their bodies, their health, and their lives and teaches them how to become their best version of themselves.

Transformation occurs when you open your mind to experience freedom. During the process, you transform your thoughts which enable you to leave behind old habits and negative thinking. You are then able to conquer your fears and remove self-doubt. This irrevocable transformation allows you to be seen in a new light. It reveals your unique characteristics and truthfulness.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana​

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