3 Big Ways You're Ruining Your Health...and How to Fix It

Many folks inadvertently sabotage their health. Here is the most common mistake and how to fix it.

Mistake #1: Not drinking enough water 

Don’t skip over drinking your 8 glasses of water if you want maximum capacity of operation.

Though you may think this is one of the most basic things one can do, more often than not people just don’t do it. The result? They move on through their days and weeks with ‘unjustifiable’ headaches, bloating, dried skin, just to name some of the startling consequence dehydration produces in the body.

According to Journal of Biological Chemistry, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water. The lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%. Even the bones are watery: 31%.

So, drink your water every day. Maybe 8 glasses of water is too much for you to start with. Your actual needs may vary. So start with less. Take baby steps and build on them in time.

Do you keep forgetting about drinking your water? Set a recurring reminder every 30 minutes and have 1/2 glass of water every time you hear it.

Wanna get all fancy about it? Instal an app like: WaterLama Water Tracker or Drink Water Reminder N Tracker.

Mistake #2: not having enough sleep

In order to be healthy, happy and productive, you need to properly rest.

Sleep is the time when our bodies detox, flush out debris and recover. It is essential  for cognitive performance, especially memory consolidation.

Lack of sleep impairs immune response, making us more vulnerable to disease. It also seems to activate the sympathetic nervous system, which can lead to a rise of blood pressure, and an increase in cortisol secretion. When we are sleep deprived, metabolic changes such as insulin resistance may occur.

The solution is quite simple: switch off TV, put down your phone, laptop, or work and go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual. Squizz in 10 min of rest during your day. 

You’re super stressed and anxious? And toss and turn for hours under your sheets? Use a white noise app. White Noise Lite or White Noise Generator have the best ratings on Apple store.

Read a good fictional book which can transport you to a different world. Listen to a meditation or do some breathing exercise. 

These are all really great ways to help you fall asleep faster.

Click the link  below if you wanna listen to a meditation while doing a breathing exercise.  Warning: don’t do it while at your desk, you might fall asleep and hit your head hard😀:


Mistake #3: not moving enough

You might’ve heard this one a million times before, I know.

Spending to much time at your desk, in your car or on your sofa can really take a toll on your health. Your body is meant to be moving, to be lean and strong. The genetic makeup you’re caring is similar to the one of your ancestors, who used to move their bodies quite a lot: foraging for food and running away from dangers kept them physically and mentally alert.

This one is also very easy to fix and technology can come in handy here too: use a mindfulness app as gentle reminder to bring you back to reality and off your chair every 50 minutes. Mindfulness Bell is my favorite. Every time it rings, I stop whatever I’m doing, get up from my chair, stretch, yawn and take a few steps.

You could also take it to the next level and do some primal moves. Squats, sit ups or push ups are some of the best ways to keep increase your heart rate, get your blood flowing a bit faster and tone your muscles. 

If you have a rebounder, start jumping. I find its effects truly magical: the aches & pains from too much sitting vanish and I immediately feel energized. You can find some small folding ones to fit in your office on Amazon. Rebounders are also really fun for kids and they can bring out the kid in you.

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