3 reasons why you should prioritize health

If you’re working on building your dream career or business, to the detriment of your health, here are 3 reasons why you should prioritize health.
Many people get to a place in their life when they want to create something big. To leave a legacy. A trace of their passing in this world. For some, this calling shows up very early in their life. For others, it comes later on, and it’s somehow aligned with their spiritual development.
But a lot of these people are SO focused on building their dream, on creating their masterpiece, that it consumes them. They reach a point when they’re physically and mentally drained. They’re tired. Stressed out. They forget to eat. To drink. Not to mention work out. They basically don’t take care of themselves.

1. When you’re healthy, you can give your all to your dream.

Like 110% and more.
You know the old Latin phrase: “mens sana in corpore sano”?
Don’t make the mistake to think that, if you wake up in the morning and you can do your stuff, despite your hurting lower back. Your heartburns. Your anxiety. Your heavy breathing. They’ll go away just by ignoring them.
Cause they won’t.
They usually tend to get worse.
Or the mistake to think that if you numb your aches and pains with pills, you’ll get better.
Most of the time, it doesn’t work like that: you’re only numbing the result, but you’re not addressing the root cause.
Would you try to solve the symptoms instead of going for the root cause when running your business?
Or managing your team?
Or solving a sensitive situation related to your role?
I bet your answer is no.
So love yourself and treat yourself like you would treat your work: responsibly and fully committed. 

2. Health is your most important asset.

You might argue with that and tell me that your house is your most important asset.
Or your car.
Or your company.
Or your job.
Or your stock investments are.
And up until a few years ago, I would’ve agreed with you.
But I changed my perspective a while back.
Do you know why?
Because at the time I was fortunate to work with some amazing cancer survivor women back in Europe.
Do you think they were talking to me about their wealth or their companies?
Do you think their focus now, after beating the odds, was on a career or financial achievement?
And I’m sure you know these are rhetorical questions. But feel free to give them a thought.
Ido Portal said something about health in a documentary, that stuck with me.
It was along the lines of many people understand the value of their health only after they lose it.

3. You can get to fully enjoy your achievements only when you’re healthy.

What’s the point in creating, building, and scaling your dream business or developing your amazing career if you don’t get to enjoy the fruits of your work.
You could tell me that at least your kids will be doing it, but does that really give you any comfort?
Wouldn’t you rather enjoy playing with your grandkids?
Living to tell them the story about how you built your legacy?
Don’t ignore the signs your body gives you.
Go see a doctor.
Change your life habits.
Get a personal trainer.
Drink more water.
Stop smoking.
Hire a health coach.
Eat more greens.
Take your dog on longer walks.
Cut back on booze.
Breathe more intentionally.
Treat yourself to a massage.
Spend more time outdoors with friends and family.
Don’t play it by the ear hoping time will solve it.
There’s a lot of discussion about how Steve Jobs could have lived longer had he listened to his doctor’s recommendations to pursue surgery instead of delaying it for 9 months. Even Harvard Medical School wrote an article about this.
Health is your most important asset.
Take good care of it.
Because you are important. And so is your work.
You can truly make the world a better place only when you’re healthy.
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