Emotional eating.
How to stop it and Heal yourself
part 1

Wanna stop emotional eating and heal yourself?

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Lisa Phillips to have a conversation on the topic of emotional eating and how to stop it, in her show ‘Love Your Life with Lisa’.

In the first part of our chat, we discussed how you can differentiate between when you’re really hungry, and when you’re eating just to soothe or avoid (uncomfortable) emotions.

So what’s emotional eating?

If you’re not sure what emotional eating is, I’ll tell you a story and you’ll get it right away:

One evening I came back from a business diner. I enjoyed the evening. I had a good meal, a glass of red wine, and a somewhat good conversation.  But despite that, when I got home, I went to the fridge looking for ice cream. Poured myself another glass of wine. I didn’t even think about what I was doing. I just went straight on.

Was I hungry? Definitely not!

Was I upset? I had no apparent reason, as I’ve just had a pretty good day and a nice evening.

And yet, there was something inside me, a thing that I couldn’t quite put my finger on that made me wanna eat. And drink that extra glass of wine. Even though I wasn’t hungry. 

The next day I woke up tired, bloated, and furious at myself for not being able to control myself. 

That’s emotional eating. And unfortunately, it happens every day to millions of people. 

Your mental health and emotional health are really important, so learning tools to heal your compulsive overeating is crucial, as healing comes from within.

We’ll be covering a tool that can help you heal emotional wounds and trauma in the second part of our conversation on emotional eating and how to stop it which is coming out next week.

You can read about a fun way to find out how much food you really need in this article I wrote a while back.

How much food do you really need?

I hope you’ll find this useful and you’ll give it a try.

Below is the first part of our dialog on emotional eating and how to stop it below.

Happy Halloween!


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Have you ever dealt with emotional eating? Let me know in the comments how did you go through it yourself.

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