How's Your Work-Life Balance?

Before the global pandemic, we created this artificial separation between work and life. Work is part of life. And work-life balance is a real thing. 

I read an article earlier today shared by Amir Hameed at RingCentral. The piece was on Tips to Avoid Becoming a Video Conference Hashtag and it was written by Carlos Hidalgo. One paragraph really stood out to me. Here it is:

“One of the biggest challenges that many have had during this shift to working from home and video conferencing is they do not have an “office” in their home.  This means that meetings may have an occasional child, spouse, or pet in the background. Rather than add additional stress to the current disruption, just accept it. Instead of viewing it as a distraction, choose to see it as one way that business is becoming more human.”

The “business is becoming more human” part got me thinking.

It’s interesting to see, if you really think about it, that we created this separation between work and life.

And its purpose was from the very beginning to sustain it. Our ancestors were working with the main purpose to get a better life for themselves and their families.

But yet, throughout the past decades, we turned it into this huge goal in itself. To the detriment of our life, spouse, kids, and everything that life is.

And now we’re having a hard time bringing the two of them together…As sad as it sounds to me, this is the reality for most of us.

I find it really ironic to see how this massive global health crisis brought us back to rethinking our fundamental principles and values in life.

What are your thoughts about this?

Leave me a comment below.


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