Beating yourself up over these things?

I’m so weak! I can’t stick to a diet…

…and it pisses me off, cause I’ve achieved things so much more difficult in my life.

I know I need to eat better, but I can’t get myself to do it. It’s like I don’t have enough will-power.

I know I need to exercise, but… 

Snapping at people around me, cause I’m so stressed and anxious. And feeling guilty about it.

If I don’t do something about my health, things are gonna get even worse.

And this scares the s**t out of me!!

I get you. You are not alone!

Hi there, you!

I was once like you.

Running in circles in my head…

…shaming and blaming myself and feeling so helpless.

Cause I was a high-achiever.

Yet I couldn’t get myself to stick to healthy habits for a long time.

My energy was a roller coaster.

So were my emotions.

Eating at least five (yes FIVE!) meals a day, to get me through my day (no way!)…

Between my Fortune 500 corporate executive role, my business travels, my side hustle, my going to the gym and taking care of the family I had to eat A LOT to keep myself going.

Or so I thought.

Even though I knew what I had to do I felt helpless and stuck.

I wanted so much to be like a million other people out there.

Eating my favorite foods without feeling bloated or sluggish.

Or guilty 🤭.

Being free from counting calories.

Breezin’ through grocery store aisles like the Queen Of Labels.

Waking up happy and energized.

Being toned and slim without slaying in the gym. Or running like a mouse on the treadmill.  

Feeling calm and relaxed both at work and at home. (YES, there are people like that)

Years of trial and error later,
loads of bucks, hopes and sleepless nights down the line...
...I discovered the key to long-lasting health.
I'm in the best shape of my life.
My skin is smooth and clear.
I've said bye-bye to the dark circles under my eyes.
My nails are strong and healthy.
I sleep like a baby and I wake up full of energy.
My brain is clear and my mind is calm.
And best of all...
to completely change my life

And now it's available to you.

I took everything I've learned.
I added some salt & pepper + some coconut oil...

...and created a program to help you transform your health & your life.

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

6 weeks of Health & Life Transformation

What it is:

A 6-week holistic health coaching program

Who is it for:​

For YOU if you're on a health transformation journey looking to:

✔️ Learn how to eat healthier, without stressing over calories

✔️ Increase your immunity

✔️ Manage stress and anxiety

✔️ Find work-life balance

✔️ Clear out some of the brain fogg

✔️ Focus better on your tasks

✔️ Sleep like a baby

✔️ Navigate through or recover from chronic conditions

✔️ Have better-looking, more radiant skin

✔️ Exercise simply & efficiently to tone your body

✔️ Finally stick to healthy habits

✔️ Lose weight

✔️ Have accountability during your health transformation process

✔️ Never miss out on life because of feeling tired, exhausted or ashamed 

What do you get:​

Expert guidance and personal support to finally transform your health & wellness AND…

…strategies, tools and action steps clearly defined to ultimately begin transforming your life.

In the Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Program

I help you address the 6 main pillars of health over the course of 6 weeks and together we co-create a lifestyle action plan to achieve your desired health & wellness goals. 

Here's a glimpse at what we'll cover

Simple Clean Eating

· You'll learn what and how to eat to increase your immunity and your energy, reduce inflammation, and support your health & wellness goals.

· You'll understand that every bite you take is either working for or against your optimal health, state of mind, and longevity.

· You'll get comprehensive lists of foods you should be purchasing and products you should be purging from your pantry.

Smart Ways to Move Your Body

· You'll learn how and when to move your body in a very effective way to increase energy, find your ideal body composition and stay safe.

· You'll start from where you are now.

· You'll get a baseline testing methodology and strategies that'll help you progress fitness level without pushing you too far or having to spend countless hours in the gym.

Strategies To Improve Your Sleep

· You'll gonna learn which is the most important strategy for recovering and healing.

· You'll have fun discovering what's your genotype and how to adjust your lifestyle to better achieve your potential.

· You'll understand the connection between sleep, food, brain and weight gain, to make sure you get and stay healthy, sane and in good mood.

Stress-reducing Strategies

· You'll learn how stress affects your health and how to keep it in check.

· You'll practice with me specific techniques that'll help you calm your mind, become more mindful, and in control of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

· You'll understand how to focus your brain on the things that make you feel good, empowered and productive.

Sun, Fun & Play

· You'll learn to rediscover one of the most powerful healing therapies.

· You'll begin to reconnect with your inner child and with the most important people, beings or activities to recharge and heal your body, mind and soul.

· You'll get to build new bridges toward stronger and deeper connections in your life.


· You're gonna tap into your inner resources to find the balance you're looking for.

· You'll get to use one of the most efficient tools to flip the switch on negative feelings and allow positivity in your life.

· You're gonna heal some old wounds and set yourself free to enjoy whatever life is bringing your way to the max.

One more thing

We begin with an in-depth evaluation of your existing lifestyle habits.

We discuss your health & wellness vision.

We make sure we set you up for success.

Who is this program NOT for:​

This program is NOT for people who:

✔️ Are Looking for a quick fix to heal and transform overnight. The goal of the program is to slowly change your lifestyle habits, reboot your metabolism, and transform your mind and your body, so that your new habits and results LAST

✔️Are NOT willing to do the work, read the educational materials, AND upgrade their lifestyle habits; just reading and expecting results only form that or expecting me to do the work for them it’s not gonna work

✔️ DON’T believe they can change

✔️ DON’T believe in a holistic approach

✔️ Consider that the mind and the body are two separate entities functioning independently of each other 

✔️Are NOT interested in finding out the intricate details about the mind-body connection. We learn a lot about that in the program so, if this is not up your alley, don’t tag along


I believe everybody has the right to look and feel amazing.
I believe health is the key to living an amazing life.
I believe that YOU deserve such an amazing life.

Your Investment In

Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body Program


$381 USD


✔️ Lifetime access to all educational materials

✔️ 6 health coaching sessions

✔️ Educational materials

✔️ Weekly office hour calls for extra support

✔️ Bonus materials


$997 USD


✔️ Lifetime access to all educational materials

✔️ 6 health coaching sessions

✔️ Educational materials

✔️ Weekly office hour calls for extra support

✔️ Bonus materials

$4720 USD in total value. Yours today for $997USD!

What you’re saving when joining the Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body program:

  • 6 individual health coaching sessions, $120 each: $720  
  • nutritionist, $150 each: $300
  • therapy sessions, $150 each: $300
  • monthly gym subscription, $70 each: $140
  • monthly yoga & meditation studio access, $95 each: $190
  • monthly missing work, $2000 each: $3000
Total cost for 6 weeks: $4720 USD

Your saving: $3723 USD

Total value for 6 weeks: $4720 USD



Most frequent questions and answers

Once you click the “ENROL” button you’ll be redirected to my calendar page. You can select the date & time that suits you best to have a discovery conversation with me. After the discovery session, If we are a good fit to work together, I’ll be sending you the payment link, based on the payment option you chose. After the payment goes through, you’ll get a Coaching Agreement and an Intake Form. You take your time to fill them out and sent them back over to me. The last step is setting up your first session. And then we start working together to bring your health vision to life.

Yes, you can. If you’re the type of person who trusts their gut and takes decisions on the spot, you can skip straight to the first session. You can do that by clicking one of the buttons with the price. You’ll be directed to the payment page and you’ll go with the flow from there.

The program is designed to be completed in 12 weeks. However, you can take as long as you need it. My strong recommendation is to stick to the 12-week pace, to make sure you achieve and stick to long-lasting lifestyle behavior change.

Between 60-90 minutes per week, including both the coaching call and going through the educational materials. 

The sessions are 30-45 min long, except for the first session. This first session is the initial evaluation session and it lasts between 60-90 minutes. During it, we go deep into assessing and understanding your current lifestyle habits, clarifying your health & wellness vision, and defining strategies for maintaining success once you’ve reached your goals.

We meet on the online platform called Zoom. You can find the link to the Zoom meeting on the calendar page you’ll be getting from me.

Yes, there is. If having a price plan works best for you, no worries, I’ve got you covered.

This is definitely not a diet. This is a lifestyle. There is a big focus on food in the program, but the main goal is to have you gain eating habits that will serve you in bringing your health vision to life, not to have you count calories and restrict yourself from eating. 

This is not a detox per se, though detoxifying your body will happen during the process of your improving your lifestyle habits.

Most people find themselves losing weight during the program. When you work on yourself on a holistic level, improving eating habits, lowering stress, adjusting sleep, healing old wounds, your body will naturally start to lose weight and to move towards its ideal composition.

This program will definitely work for you. You’ll adjust your meals to comply with your lifestyle. Being vegan is not an impediment to improving your life. It’s actually an extraordinary life choice that shows your awareness and your commitment to a better life.

You should NOT stop your interactions with your physician. The work that you’ll be doing during the program will complement the healing journey that you’ve started with your physician.Please read all the Terms & Conditions here.

I can definitely help you. We’ll be working together to increase your immunity, reduce inflammation, overcome emotional highs and lows, and help your body & your mind navigate the healing process smoother.

You can either text me, email me, or join the weekly office hour calls where I answer any question that might come your way between our sessions.

For sure. You have the option of hiring me for individual sessions. Click here to access the page with my hourly rates. You also have the option of continuing to work with me for a longer period of time, based on your needs. We’ll be discussing and assessing together which is the best choice for you moving forward.

Why wait? Breath in deeply and let’s get on with it!

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