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6-Week Health Coaching Program

Steluta is an incredible health coach. She is a warm and authentic person and she knows how to bring her creative flare coupled with her deep insights to add value in every interaction we had. Her health training program influenced my health daily decisions and provided me with the knowledge and skills to create a balanced and healthy life. Working with her was a great and enjoyable experience, that I recommend to anyone who is willing to create a balance between all the building blocks that sustain a healthy lifestyle.
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10-Session Life Coaching Program

Working with Steluta was life-changing. Throughout our 6 sessions together, we worked on many issues relating to self-doubt, decision making, personal development and life choices. She helped me achieve A LOT of clarity in my thinking, but most importantly, CONFIDENCE in myself and me being able to trust myself more with the decisions and steps that I take in any part of life. Steluta was very attentive during our coaching calls and asked great questions to guide me in the right direction. One of the biggest takeaways I gained from coaching was the ability to reframe negative ways of thinking into positive ones. For example, instead of asking myself "what if" all the time, now I've reframed it into "I choose..." Working with her has helped me in all parts of life, including my business decisions, relationships with friends and family, and self-confidence. This was the first time I worked with a life coach, and the experience with Steluta was very eye-opening. If you're looking for a coach, I highly highly recommend Steluta. She is not only a wonderful coach, but an amazing person as well

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